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Pathfinder furniture exhibition to the world's latest home trends

September is approaching, the twenty-second China International Furniture Fair entered the sprint stage, ornamental design to find the trend, the show has not yet opened, it has been a bit of a clear clue? Do not worry, "Guangsha era" to do your homework before the show -
Golden nine silver ten, often in the home industry unspoken rules". Remove the brand of a hot business, bustling outside the store, has continued for 22 years of the China International Furniture Fair, but also the protagonist has never been absent in September. To build a platform to show, gather a variety of brands, to explore new forces, to convey the way of life, every year in the International Furniture Fair, there is no lack of self-expression of the participants.
This year is no exception, on September 8-11, the twenty-second China international furniture exhibition will continue to be held in Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center, held at the same Maison Shanghai modern Shanghai Home Furnishing fashion exhibition will also debut at the Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall. Multiple design activities, a number of venues out of the new, a number of brand debut, where to look, how to see? Compared with previous years, this year's furniture show what's new? "Thousand times" quest in 2016 Chinese international furniture exhibition, with you tomorrow.
The market and the exhibition are engaged in the front and rear are proficient in good products
The highest active China Home Furnishing market, enhance the fastest Chinese furniture manufacturing industry, accounting for the largest furniture exporter, rose Chinese group design the highest potential, of course, the same exhibition close combat competition, making all these factors, over 22 years of Chinese international furniture exhibition, has been to catch up with her.
What kind of furniture to meet the needs of more consumers? What kind of furniture can be called good furniture? Focus on the appearance of many brands, during which the strength is quite good or bad? In this regard, the founder and director of the Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Wang Mingliang said, with the breakthrough and development continuously, can make, and can do the domestic international furniture has become the main choice of Shanghai Furniture Fair furniture. In fact, the form of the product is no longer important to meet the modern lifestyle, it is particularly important. Whether all kinds of furniture products in the International Museum from all sides, or consumers in domestic museum for having heard it many times local brands, highly consistent can be obtained if the domestic in many aspects, such as design, material process, it will have great market advantage.
At the same time, China Furniture Association chairman Zhu Changling said, sponsored by Chinese Furniture Association and Shanghai Bohua company Chinese international furniture exhibition, greatly promote the technological progress of Chinese furniture exports, industry and the original design. Of course, the market survival of the fittest products will certainly be the highlight of the show, the show provides a platform for the market to choose, but also indicates the trend of development.
Original design has become the main force of the gradual accumulation of savings
When it comes to the original design, it is not difficult to find, from the architectural design to large miniature landscape Home Furnishing in the original design group Chinese has cause a shocking commotion. The original design of the brand in the market in front of the experience, it is also China International Furniture Fair in the original design of the reference group.
EASYHOME Beisihuan store, HC28, life, beauty, ACF HOME, Yang wood beauty, together constitute a unique landscape of the original Furniture Gallery, dongsihuan Meikailong shopping, beauty, life, how much wood and other original brand has a firm foothold. In addition, a few wood, half, lost and found many strong personality, advocate the original design and brand China contemporary life style also in the growth in their own way, whether it is carefree and content in the alley, still shine in the art area, they have into the public eye.
Abandon those forces are regarded as rigid design by new old, fresh and original design to start don't care products manufacturing volume, volume, the number of sales, more small and beautiful products active in the side of material technology, design quality maintained equally harsh requirements. Chen Baoguang, deputy director of the China Furniture Association, said the experts, more than last year, the sea for the exhibition, the continued use of the design sector leveraging the development of the furniture industry, played a significant role. "Design for the pilot" has long been a symbol of the Shanghai exhibition.
New International Expo Center
A number of activities of fresh and strong DOD exhibition from afar international furniture exhibition, fun Children Furniture Museum, promote the development of the industry...... Will become the New International Expo Center in Pudong in September worth the attention of the highlights. Wang Mingliang said that this year's exhibition, whether it is the size or the number of exhibitors, will be new high.
DOD exhibition area expanded to two times the original design endless
Every September in Shanghai China international furniture exhibition, international designers Exhibition Fair (DOD) exhibition of young people always emerge in most places, the exhibition organizers in 2015 to "my attitude" logo design exhibition, is rapidly spread throughout the city, Shanghai became a shining new design.
This year is no exception, the original Home Furnishing design enthusiasts will touch experience like a few, squeak sound, Mu Zhi workshop, design, design of this kind of accident was the star brand new products; have a chance with Li Peixin, Ren Hongfei, Cai Liechao etc. these young designers face to face, to meet the procurement needs design enthusiasts from around the world, the preferred the fair is also platform independent designers to market.
Deputy general manager of Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd Zhong Bei