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Secret Chinese villa elevator industry leader in the next 20 years

After the real estate market as the main real estate market in the last period, the size of the market to attract hundreds of hundreds of billions of domestic and foreign capital. Since 2010, just a few years, the villa market has realized from the elevator to a deserted house cooking oil fire spectacular, the number of enterprises from the initial rapid expansion of dozens of hundreds. However, the contradiction between the industry myopia and the industry control system lags behind, seriously affecting the healthy development of the market.
As a high-end villa elevator leader, currently active in the southeast of the national market for strategic layout, announced that it will hold a franchise to join the general assembly in January 8, 2017, intends to introduce hundreds of distribution partners to join, release the brand influence, to reshape the industry order, leading the development of the industry.
20 years, engraved high-end villa elevator business leaders myth
Taking a look at the current market structure of the villa elevator, according to rough market statistics, the southeast of the elevator market share of the basic market first, firmly occupy the position of industry leader. Since 2010, since the outbreak of the villa elevator market, has twenty thousand high-end customers to provide personalized customized elevator service.
People who are concerned about the elevator industry are aware that the southeast is China's first batch of elevator manufacturing enterprises. In Southeast China in 1998 to develop and produce the first villa elevator, has been engaged in the cause of the villa elevator has been nearly 20 years. Over the past 20 years, the southeast continued to achieve leapfrog development, growth into R & D, production and sales of high-end villa elevator enterprises. As China's top five elevator, China's top real estate companies preferred supplier, the elevator industry is the largest in the southeast of the species category, the most widely used in the field of elevator enterprises in the industry, the top 500.
Over the past 20 years, the southeast has always been a high level of safety and quality of the accumulation of a good market reputation, therefore, in the current vicious vicious competition in the industry chaos in the southeast to achieve contrarian rise. Since the beginning of the establishment of the southeast is the high-end villa elevator brand positioning, the mission is to provide the southeast of the family with the most comfortable personalized elevator. Southeast brand culture believes that security is the basis of all the family life, and is the foundation of the human society, on the basis of safety utmost respect to individual needs, meet the individual needs of modern society is the real high-end. Only the real insight into consumer demand, to meet consumer demand will have the value of the brand, will have a lasting vitality. Southeast to provide consumers with the greatest value is safe and customized, southeast has been based on the market for nearly 20 years, the time has given us the most authentic answer, the southeast is a valuable brand." Qin Jiancong, chairman of the South East is full of confidence in the future.
Redefinition of security, the establishment of new standards for the villa elevator industry
China's economic and social real estate is not open around the topic, the house has become a new symbol of recognition of the Chinese wealth class. Chinese villas to buy groups gathered in China's top elite millions of people, is the most attractive gold market wealth. Around 2010, China's aging society and a new round of accelerated trend of escalation of consumption, the decoration of the elevator to become a wealth of elevator installation
The most popular consumer hot spots. According to the current market situation, a conservative estimate of the price of 200 thousand units of the villa elevator, leaving the villa incremental, the current market price of the villa about 1 million 900 thousand units, the market capacity of the villa elevator close to 400 billion.
In the face of huge wealth opportunities, many enterprises try to top villa elevator market, in an attempt to seize the industry bonuses, and because the state of mandatory management of household villa elevator, elevator enterprises both conventional villa elevator production, from heavy Equipment Manufacturing Company turned villa elevator meet the eye everywhere brand. Product quality and market services mixed, uneven levels.
How to restructure the industry order to protect the vital interests of consumers? Speaking of the southeast, only by example, to establish the safety standards of the elevator industry norms, from the bottom of the consumer port industry safety bottom line upgrade.
20 years to focus on elevator safety technology has been the industry leader in product development. With strong R & D strength, the southeast has repeatedly for China's aerospace, nuclear power plants, ships and other technical requirements for the safety of high standards of service. Today, Southeast China has a special elevator R & D base, in the special elevator industry firmly grasp the right to speak. Involved in the drafting of a number of national and industry standards, including the preparation of the "domestic elevator manufacturing and installation specification" has been implemented in the industry, for the healthy development of the villa to create a good home environment.
In 2016, R & D investment southeast greater efforts for elevator safety technology, innovativelinked special elevator safety technologies and standards used in the villa elevator R & D and production, creating a southeast aerospace grade 5A safety standard. Which is only one of the people will never be able to completely solve the problem of elevator safety. New products: Southeast of the Starship -A5 the European import hydraulic drive and suitable for villa life safety fault should be hand sliding door design acute better, can ensure the elevator fault when consumers can quickly achieve a key rescue. Just touch a button to help yourself, the elevator will automatically slow down to a layer of docking, gently push the door to leave safely. As a result, consumers can avoid the risk of waiting for rescue and rescue personnel can not enter the embarrassment of the villa. After the introduction of a pilot product, which received a positive response to the consumer market in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and shanghai.
Create high-end service experience, do high-end consumer market reputation
Do high-end market, fight to the end is often to see the service, the current lot of villa elevator products