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Xinghai journey to win the future - the elevator elevator in Southeast China in 2017 will be held su

In 2017 the people of the southeast, is an extraordinary year, high-end upgrade year, is a win-win cooperation, in such a new era of consumption upgrade, the "mutual wisdom + Southeast" as the theme of the 2017 new year investment from January 8th to January 9th was held in Suzhou Dushu Lake Hotel Buddha, attracted nearly 600 agents and the National Elevator elevator industry leadership and all the members of the news media's arrival
At the beginning of the meeting, Li Shoulin, chairman of the China Elevator Association as the theme of the industry focus dialysis wonderful speech. At the meeting, Mr. Li Shoulin in four aspects of the industry focus dialysis, and said that the era of competition in the industry gradually gone, and now is the era of competition. Mutual + is an important driving force and means of the development of the elevator industry." Subsequently, Ma Lingyun, deputy general manager of southeast elevator for everyone to bring the product train, the continuous emergence of technological innovation to join the business has brought infinite hope.
Li Shoulin, chairman of China Elevator Association
2017 is the year of the "four new drive" of southeast elevator
At the meeting, the southeast elevator Limited by Share Ltd chairman Qin Jiancong delivered an encouraging "cooperation" to drive the keynote speech, a comprehensive exposition of the wisdom of the Southeast "new ideas, new pattern, the southeast elevator will continue to focus on win-win cooperation, to better serve the society, and that 2017 is the" four new Southeast elevator drive "of the year, new strategy, new models, new factories, new products will make strong, and create a new chapter in Southeast elevator industry.
Qin Jiancong, chairman of southeast elevator
The strategy of cultivating, poly potential mouyuan. Fujian Kuaike elevator southeast and then held a signing ceremony, and invited industry experts, the machinery industry occupation identification of elevator Specialized Committee director, Chinese elevator magazine reputation chief editor Li Zengjian as general manager of the joint venture. Subsequently, the 2016 outstanding partner award ceremony, agency cooperation signing ceremony, Southeast wealth forum, during the big coffee industry together, ideological collision, sharing opportunities.
(southeast and fast joint venture Li Zengjian as general manager of the joint venture company)
Intelligent driving, leading industry. During the annual meeting, the participants visited the southeast elevator intelligent new factory, chemical factory in the intelligent building area of 22000 square meters, equipped with intelligent plane line, line, plane door car wall plane line, automatic spraying line, intelligent production line equipment and operation management, realize the whole production process monitoring, paperless management operation, and intelligent operation monitoring equipment. Even more amazing is that factory integrated with 7m/s high speed elevator, experimentation area, the largest tonnage of 30T elevator kinds of driving mode, a number of household elevator test tower, with CNAS national accredited laboratory to provide a strong guarantee for the development of new products and reliability test. Apparently, the elevator is opening up a new era.
Build super IP help franchisees quickly win the market
Understand the trend, grasp the trend, take advantage of the opportunity to win, in the near future! In January 9th, Southeast elevator also successfully hosted the "southeast villa elevator franchisee Investment Conference", during the meeting, the adoption of brand marketing consultants general manager Mr. Zhu Yutong as the theme of "taking what depth join speech earn greater wealth", open a brand marketing ideas feast!
At the meeting, Mr. Zhu Yutong said that at present, the villa home elevator market is a blue ocean, Southeast of the elevator will look at home look far ahead from a high plane, villa elevator market is wise, in the future 3-5 years, leadership will lift in the southeast villa home elevator market! Then, Mr. Zhu Yutong accepted to join the depth analysis of the elevator "around the southeast market king", out of the elevator industry jumped the inherent thinking, unique marketing system construction in Southeast elevator, elevator is southeast to build a strong "high-end villa elevator leading brand" five winning Cheats: to create high-end brand strategy, create high-end system product marketing model, to create high-tech dealer services, to create high-end means of communication, to create a new chain business model, the five plates are linked together, to create a comprehensive southeast brand super IP, seize the consumer mind, help the franchisee quick win southeast elevator market!
To build China's high-end villa elevator leader
Then, the general manager of the adoption of brand marketing consultants of Shanghai Zhang Xiang at the meeting for the southeast elevator brand strategy to carry on the profound analysis, share the southeast brand strategy to upgrade and wealth and opportunity in the field has released a new brand strategy in the high-end villa elevator leader: aerospace grade standard, Southeast more security! High end, safe, customized brand new image stunning the audience, won the hearts of franchisees.
In 2017, the southeast elevator will continue to work together to so many partners together, the new brand image, strong brand strength and market introduction, continue to develop more subversive villa elevator, open the villa more high-end areas, create a chapter for Chinese find everything fresh and new high-end villa home elevator market! I believe in the future of high-end villa elevator market, the southeast elevator will be standing tall posture!