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300 thousand square meters of an Huahui one-stop home shopping day celebrations

The shopping center is a collection of change from the simple mode of operation to brand theme, fine direction, a "one-stop home shopping" is becoming mainstream, Annwa exchange has managed to create a new mode of business, to build 300 thousand square meters of living Home Furnishing dual core mall, building materials and furniture covering wonderful theme shopping mall.
Home life in a bustling station only buy wonderful
Home shopping on the convenience of the home can not buy the door near the far. However, Baiyun District, the existing shopping centers are mostly young people fashion consumption, and can not meet the needs of a family's one-stop shopping. To change the status quo of traditional security gateway, pointing around nearly 90 thousand families of large power consumption, to create a one-stop household consumption site. An 300 thousand square meters living Huahui Home Furnishing dual core mall, covering 100 thousand square meters, 80 thousand square meters Home Furnishing mall shopping park dual core mall Genesis ark, building materials, furniture will be combined with the linkage mode of wedding service and perfect shopping ark shopping paradise, body quality rich experience on the quality of life of family. For health and leisure, Ann Huahui the same attention, introduced the international brand sports supermarket, fitness center, indoor space adventure, inject vitality into the traditional young experience industry. Annwa sinks double mall passenger traffic, allowing consumers to stay longer in the mall, a wonderful cross-border, no doubt to create more business opportunities for mutual benefit and win-win.
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A happy family
A lifetime of happiness
A family of different stages of development, in Annwa can find the best consumer experience. From the wedding to a family wedding hall, 8000 square meters can stop to meet the marriage registration card, wedding planning, travel photography and other wedding services, at the same time in the mall can hold open-air rooftop romantic wedding, the garden of Eden, sunny lawn...... To create the most romantic air wedding. The 7 floor of 30 thousand square meters provide wedding banquet restaurant food Hui Yunshan, the highest can accommodate 80 seats; if you want to decorate a new home, to Home Furnishing mall Home Furnishing can buy building materials from all over the world. From the promotion of newly married couples for a family of three 5000 square meters, an Australian city Huahui, let mother easy Amoy boutique all over the world; 8000 square meters of happy camp, with children's art training, indoor gyms and other comprehensive activities, let the children grow up in happiness. 20 thousand square meters of the ark theme park, covering the ark Park, Eco Farm and other formats for one family happy, happy to play. At the same time, nearly 3000 flat justry Le Hui has children's Theater Hall, romantic hall VR 10 audio-visual theme hall, so that every family member can enjoy high fantasy experience. Annwa one-stop home shopping, carefully build a lifetime of happy time.
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February 28th glory cap
Home life double mall hot investment
Annwa officially unveiled from the exchange has aroused widespread concern, Decathlon, the growth of paradise, star Danny that the bear got force fitness center, McDonald's, Starbucks, justry shadow music exchange, 99 Fen life brand, Kohler, Optima, OPPLE, FOTILE, apple and other brands of red Home Furnishing, hundreds of brands have been advanced in the grab. It is reported that Annwa will be held in February 28th this year, held a grand ceremony of the project, opened a new era of commercial development of white clouds. In addition, 42-75 square meters penthouse apartments, 70-270 variety Yue palace square meters north tower office launched simultaneously, appropriate business appropriate investment for yijuduode.