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2017 home industry will usher in the development or change

With the slowdown in global economic growth, the rapid development of home manufacturing industry altar. 2016, the home market has been tested, but the overall market is still showing a slow growth trend. 2017, the market uncertainty increased, the new era, the development of the home industry will show what changes
The market environment will be getting worse
"Next year how" at the end of the year all the annual meeting of the forum, January 7, 2017 from the beginning to the most common, the afternoon, won the 2016 annual award for meritorious service industry leader China Dayan Home Furnishing chairman of the house of Wang Linpeng prize for the 2017 market forecast environment is getting worse, more people think this year Home Furnishing industry is full of variables.
Weal and woe depend on each other, "danger" in Tibet "machine". Wang Linpeng believes that in 2017 China's economy will be further down, the 28 law of the economy will be reflected in this stage, the enterprise will be more and more poor in the 80%, be eliminated by the market, but the company will be more and more strong in 20%. He who dares wins.
Home industry to open capital competition
At the beginning of 2017, several major brand Home Furnishing has passed the first episode, after a lot of Home Furnishing enterprises have completed the listing, and circulation in addition to the already listed regional stores Meikailong, Sammy also landed the Shenzhen stock exchange.
Although the current domestic enterprises seem to be intensive in the market, but the market for such a large traditional industries, the number is still not much." China Association of home electronics association, executive president Wang Jianguo said. Chicken years, with more companies competing for the listing, the home industry surging abundant capital, launched under the arm of the capital competition, industry competition will be more tragic.
Beijing home care move
Near the end of the year when the enterprise in previous years Home Furnishing bosses will allow employees to enter the holiday in advance, the year of the monkey is not the same, they are racing to the new site, as if to finalize this one important thing to celebrate the new year at ease.
In January 12, 2017, covers an area of 7000 acres, a total investment of 12 billion 500 million yuan, the International Industrial Park Home Furnishing Guangping Valley to furniture enterprises in Beijing issued a "North Canton" invited after considering transportation, logistics, policy and other series of conditions, Beijing 11 Home Furnishing enterprises signed on the spot, to finalize the industrial transfer of the land. Chicken year, settled in Hangu, Bohai Industrial Park will be the beginning of the relocation of domestic enterprises, and the relocation of domestic enterprises to the capital, with the improvement of environmental protection requirements in the country, is becoming increasingly cautious.
VR technology from concept to breakthrough
Cool VR technology like the wind blowing into the Home Furnishing industry, in July 8, 2016 the opening of the Guangzhou Expo, many exhibitors with VR display customized effect, if not show VR is outdated. However, in the market, the show is more of a marketing gimmick for VR marketing, many consumers do not want to pay for it.
However, in January 11, 2017, VR announced the completion of a Jiezhuang leading enterprises 40 million yuan A round of financing, investment is the founder of Chinese Home Furnishing leading brand stores Meikailong, two hand will impact what kind of spark big shot let people full of expectations for VR from concept to breakthrough.
Environmental policies around the country become tighter
Environmental problems are forcing the domestic industry to deepen the field of production reshuffle. In 2016, Beijing city by improving the reward measures such as the use of economic levers industry pollutant emission threshold, and the implementation of the "oil and water", and to promote the Home Furnishing manufacturing market in Beijing to adjust the exit. In November 2016, Shenzhen issued the "furniture products and raw materials limit of harmful substances", in accordance with the regulations, from May 1, 2017 onwards, the requirements of the national mandatory standards of Shenzhen furniture industry unified reference of water-borne wood coatings, the formal implementation of the prohibition of the use of solvent based coatings".
Environmental policies across the country tighter, want to avoid because of environmental problems were asked to stop production, limited production, "oil and water" to complete the transformation, the implementation of new environmental standards will be comprehensive, enterprises have the choice of chicken.
Home brands usher in deep integration
In October 10, 2016, actually home to purchase with the sun Home Furnishing, means Home Furnishing chain brand incorporated local brands to further speed; in January 13, 2017, two major flooring brands announced the launch of a comprehensive strategic cooperation, in force in the input of resources, channel construction and enterprise management cooperation.
In the year of chicken, with the capital strength of the more prominent, there will be more and more mergers and acquisitions cases, home brands will be deep integration, consumption will further focus on branding.
Household enterprises to accelerate the transformation of the Internet
In recent years, the traditional home improvement companies are accelerating the pace of transformation of the Internet home, home stores will also build a platform for the Internet into a major development strategy.
Driven by the Internet, the home industry in 2016 to enter the depth of the shuffle period. Traditional business is no longer the electricity supplier for the enemy, but the initiative to embrace the electricity supplier, accelerate the transformation of the Internet has become a major trend in the development of the home industry. However, the home industry has yet to have a real transformation of the success of the case, we are feeling the stones across the river, chicken can be achieved, is still suspense.
Home industry gradually rational cross-border
2016, the home industry has been surging cross-border wind, and some of the world is also a great span, clothing, food, housing, all inclusive.
Cross is not worthless, a plan, step by step to cross, to circumvent the industry risk and Home Furnishing to the development of enterprise development, is ahead of the show. Eggs can not be placed in a basket, in the right conditions, the rational crossover is obviously a wise move, but knowing that can not be